Screen for heavy metals

Water Samples

Bring a well water sample to have it tested for nitrates, arsenic, and uranium.

Soil Samples

Bring a soil sample in a Ziplock plastic bag, and we will screen it for lead! You can pick up a soil testing kit from City Hall.

Collecting a Soil Sample

Step 1:  Identify an area of interest for your soil sample.

Step 2:  Collect Soil - For a large area, collect soil from 5-10 random spots in that area, and combine in a clean container. For a small area, collect soil from 3 random spots and combine in a clean container. (See table below for sampling depth per spot.)

Step 3:  Mix soil well in clean container.

Step 4:  Remove pebbles, rocks, and roots, and air dry. Do not use a flame, oven or hairdryer to dry the soil!

Step 5:  Transfer 1 - 2 cups of the mixed soil into a clean one-quart Ziplock bag.

Note:  For more than one sample, repeat steps 1-5. Rinse your container between samples. Limit of 3 sample bags/person. Do not dig below the barrier fabric.

How to Collect Soil Samples